Digital Women’s Day in Africa: first positive result

This Digital Women’s Day (JDF) is a first in Africa. It was created by Delphine Remy-Boutang, and took place on June 13 in Dakar, under the theme « They change the world ».

Created in 2013 by Ms. Remy-Boutang in France, the aim of Women’s Digital Day is to highlight entrepreneurship, digital and innovation. With its success in France, it decided to export this event in Africa, with the aim of « building bridges between our continents, building synergies ».

This first edition in Senegal brought together women from Mali, Gabon, Chad, etc.. Ms. Remy-Boutang’s primary goal with this day was to make her « as pan-African as possible » and it was a success.

Around different themes and throughout the day, women have followed one another to talk about their actions to evolve the IT sector. They have led discussions to introduce women to this sector and to join this sector to participate in digital development.

Many people came to attend the various workshops and see how these women « engage » and « are actors in their development » or how they « support innovation » and « democratize digital ». Ms. Remy-Boutang was able to count on the presence of leaders and renowned digital professionals to animate or interact on different themes. Yacine Barro-Bourgault, Microsoft General Manager for West and Central Africa, Nafissatou Diouf, Founder of SenVitale, Virginie Dias-Tagnon, Director of Human Resources of L’Oréal Group in Africa and Diana Brondel, Founder of Xaalys have participated in this day.

Written by Justine Mingot